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Nanjing qinhuai district beauty degrees still dance culture and arts exchange center,The head office is located in xinjiekou,Teaching area1100Ping,Hexi Olympic sports stores,Xinjiekou laidi two shop,Hunan road branch,A subsidiarypdStreet dance studio,Five shop directly,Harvested each year in the United States learning students up to5500Passengers,Because we have professional attentive staff team,Warm and thoughtful course consultant and have a first-class teaching environment as well as ultra high cost performance。Open a jazz dance lessons、Hip Hop、Japan and South Korea、Belly dance、Classical dance、Strength、Latin dance, etc,Foreign business contacts,Company annual program planning teaching。At the same time courses in music:Vocal music training、Popular piano training、The guitar training、Drums training courses。The dance mainly provide dance studio in nanjing、Nanjing dance training classes、Nanjing jazz dance training、Nanjing Latin dance training、Nanjing belly dance training、Nanjing strength training、Nanjing street dance training、Nanjing vocal music training、Nanjing dance class、Nanjing learning dance、Nanjing learn how to dance、Nanjing learn singing、Nanjing learn jazz dance、Nanjing dance coach class training services。


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