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Product center

  • Concrete of high performance water reducing agent

    Poly (carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent | Poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent of mother liquor | Naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent | Concrete antifreeze

  • Sprayed concrete hardener

    Sprayed concrete hardener | Shotcrete alkali-free accelerating agent

  • New environmental protection admixture

    Permeable concrete strengthening agent | Low-carbon concrete shrinkage enhancer | The remaining fresh concrete aggregate regenerant | Concrete synergistic agent

  • Other concrete admixture

    Reinforced concrete rust and corrosion inhibitor | Air-entraining agent | Hole grouting agent | Expansive agent | Concrete preservatives | Concrete early strength agent | Retarder
  • Engineering cases
    “Huawei admixture is successfully applied in nuclear power engineering、Water conservancy project、Bridge engineering、Railway engineering and so on”
  • Nuclear power engineering
  • Water conservancy project
  • Bridge engineering
  • Railway engineering
  • The chairman delivered a speech

           Company on the basis of perfect enterprise management system,Strong product development capability,Advanced and complete testing equipment,A sound quality assurance system,Extensive marketing network and good technical services,The practice“Began in customer demand,Finally customer satisfaction”The service tenet。

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